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Mark Davis Legal

Solicitor and Barrister



Criminal Law

A vigorous defence provided in all criminal matters. I advise on pleas and the likely penalties that may be imposed. Where appropriate I make strong representations for charges to be dropped or amended prior to trial.

I have particular experience in Commonwealth criminal matters – foreign fighter offences, drug importation, terrorism, human trafficking and the new Foreign Bribery offences. Wherever feasible I like to personally handle all aspects of a criminal case. I don’t palm off my work to juniors or paralegals. I will brief barristers for highly specialised matters but generally like to represent clients at every stage of proceedings, in and out of court.

International Matters

I advise and represent Australians entangled in civil disputes or criminal proceedings overseas. I have particular experience in South East Asian legal systems and have an excellent network of local lawyers that I work in tandem with to navigate the judicial, bureaucratic and political processes of relevant jurisdictions. In commercial matters I am available to travel as a legal advisor or representative to any corner of the globe. On speculative ventures I am prepared to defer my fees or convert them into a risk position. I have an array of political, media and legal contacts in a large number of countries – particularly in Asia,  Central Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. In criminal or drug related issues I have had considerable success in quietly negotiating on behalf of Australians arrrested in other countries.  I have succedeed in having charges dropped or downgraded after application to relevant Justice Ministries or, if matters have gone to trial, ensured that the best local legal team available is on the case.  

Land-Owner representation

I have extensive experience and contacts throughout Melanesia, the Pacific and South East Asia and a deep knowledge of the various land ownerships systems that operate there. Individual and communal landowners are often badly exploited through poor asset agreements – logging, fishing, mining or the lease of agricultural land.  Landowners are often at the whim of powerful companies or the interests of local politicians. I advise and vigorously represent landowners in the Asia/Pacific region in securing agreements for the management of their assets. I advise on the renegotiation of expiring deals and can assist in casting a wider net beyond local shores when new development partnerships are sought.  

Recent News

The Aquarian ‘terrorist’

The Aquarian ‘terrorist’

“When this legislation was first mooted this was to stop Al Qaeda … not to turn upon marijuana activists or people who perhaps are rude or abusive to police.” Mark Davis.

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